2013 — Dreaming out loud

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The Year of Your Highest Potential…

Here it is. In writing. Without edits. After much work.

In Black and White, so to speak. My commitments to myself for 2013.

Be myself fearlessly.

Create a home of un-ending love & joy — with children who radiate these qualities

Be rapturously in love — with life, with my husband, with my children, with each waking breath.

Continue to build a community based on living passionately with integrity and nurturing energy for one and all.

Write from my heart.

Teach from my soul.

Expand into my highest potential with grace and humility.

Be prosperous & generous without hestitation

Tactically, this means…

Blog posts, blog posts, and more blog posts — If you’d told me this time last year that I would have as many pieces out there as I do right now, I would have laughed in your face. I must keep pursuing this. It feels so right and so effortless.

Finish my proposal for my first book titled — Choose Joy

Create & release podcasts, videos & more — Create, create, create.

Work to be picked up by Yogisanonymous, Yogaglo or some such distributor

Present at Yoga Conferences & Festivals — Texas Yoga Conference & Telluride Yoga Festival in 2013; keep applying for more in 2014

Traveling workshops — Austin, Houston, Lubbock are on the books. Working on Humboldt & more…

Create a yoga retreat… Big Sur? Puerto Rico?

Work to be picked up by The Travel Yogi or some such vendor for yoga retreats worldwide

And these are my dreams — Out loud and in living color!

The sensations I wish to create in my life, my desired feelings are:

Love — Of love, in love and for love. I truly believe that Love is All There Is.

Joy — Radiate, breathe, live in a raw state of joy

Courage — Exude & embody

Honesty — Live it out loud

Prosperity — Embrace, stop denying/sabotaging

Innovation — Own it, lean in

Inspiration — To be inspired & to be inspiring

Connection — Honest, humble, pure