In 1997, I started doing yoga for the physical benefits, like everyone else. I discovered deeper meaning to my practice as I weathered a fierce storm of self destruction in my late twenties, that from a high level looked something like this…

Girl meets boy
Girl marries boy
Girl & boy party like rock stars
Girl has affair with mutual best friend
Girl destroys marriage
Girl gets pregnant
Girl meets baby

The first five years of my son’s life, I toiled away in shame at a high stress job in corporate America, slaving to pay the mortgage & the daycare fees. Yoga was my only peace of mind.

In 2008, I finally emerged from my cocoon of self inflicted isolation & realized a few things:

  1. What I wanted in life did matter. And what I wanted was to be closer to my family so I could both give help to my beautiful mother, who was suffering from ALS, & receive help from my family, as single motherʼs often need. What I didnʼt realize was that I also wanted to be closer to the divine, and this was the first step.
  2. I wanted to teach yoga instead of hock my soul to line someone else’s pockets; I wanted to stop pimping myself out in an effort to control the power of the outside world. Little did I know, I was being called to wake up; I was being called by my soul to create a life of passion and dedicate myself to a vocation rather than a career.
  3. I actually could make this change. It was not as impossible as I’d lead myself to believe. All of those fears that I had allowed to trap me were exactly that, fears. I vowed to myself that I did not want to live a life based on fear, but rather, one of love.

So I did it. I started my path to becoming a yoga teacher. I walked away from a 12 year advertising & marketing career and started studying. I studied with Baron Baptiste first & Ana Forrest second. Between the two masters, I accumulated over 600 hours of training. I’ve also attended workshops with at least a dozen others, but name dropping yoga-lebrities gets old quickly, so let’s just skip that part & suffice it to say I’ve studied with some brilliant minds. I am also an avid student of Caroline Myss and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. It is these masters that have lead me to create my own amalgamation. It is from my experiences in life that I offer my teachings.

Practicing & teaching yoga both inspires & sustains me. The focus on breath & authenticity really works for me, as I also love to live my yoga in every way from nutrition to caring for myself & my family. I offer this yoga humbly in my community, and it is cherished by my students. This experience warms my heart – changing people’s lives everyday. I now live in Fort Worth, Texas, with my new husband, new baby & ten year old badass boy. I teach Monday thru Saturday at Karmany Yoga, a local donation based studio. I love my life, exactly the way it is! And I would be honored to share it with you.

In addition to teaching yoga, I love to write. I write what pours out of me. I am working on my first book. I am just beginning to travel and present at conferences and festivals. If you would like to book me for a conference, festival or other engagement, you can contact me through this site. I am also available to submit guest posts for blogs, etc, via this site, schedule permitting. My blog posts are currently occasionally featured on MindBodyGreen and Intent. I have also been published by elephantjournal.com and RecoveringYogi.

Thanks! LOVE

Below, you will find the Causes I believe in…

Causes I believe in

I believe in service. It delights my spirit above all else. Causes associated with children and mobility are particularly near to my heart, but truthfully, I can be moved by almost any heartfelt endeavor. Here are a few of the ones I am currently raising money to support. Please feel free to get involved. With a donation, with a prayer, with an email to me for more information. In any way that you are called to do so, do something. Don’t fall prey to the exhausting apathy that you cannot make a difference in this world, because you can. It’s that simple.

Africa Yoga Project – Raising funds to sustain and grow a yoga school in Kenya for underprivileged children, youth & women

We can do this. We can make a difference and help. We just have to choose to do so.