Attracting Nurturing Love…

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“What is the vibrational quality of your relationship?” asked my spiritual mentor.

This stumped me. I had to think. I could feel at what she was getting at… I knew it was lacking. You see, this is the work I’m doing right now and it’s based on the teachings of Abraham-Hicks. They profess that we are all magnets attracting to us that which we emit. Meaning, if we are focusing on what we want, we are attracting that to us; conversely, if we are focusing on what we don’t want, we are attracting that to us as well.

In my relationship, I often tend to bang the drum of the thing that is wrong. So for example, in my very recent past it was not uncommon to hear me say something along the lines of…

“Everything in my life is going beautifully right now with the exception of my marriage.”

This is not good. This means, what is the vibration I am most emitting? I am focused on that which is NOT the way I want it to be. Am I focusing on what I want it to look like? No, not typically. Normally, I am focused on all the ways in which I wish it was different. And so, what do you suppose this creates? It creates more of what I don’t want.

Here is an excellent video that demonstrates this philosophy beautifully:

Abraham Hicks Obliterating Problems Video

You see, in the video, the man is doing exactly what I’m talking about. In his relationship, he and his significant other are focusing on what they do not like about each other. They are even making lists to this effect! And thereby, they are attracting more of those things to the light.

What if we only focused on that which we most adore about one another?

Wouldn’t this raise the vibration of our relationship(s)?

Wouldn’t we then be banging the drum on that which we most seek?

Wouldn’t we then, by Law of Attraction, be attracting more of that which we adore?

I believe so. And so, as I prepare for a romantic holiday with my man this year, I’m going to do nothing but focus on that which I most adore, which is actually becoming a really fun and delicious habit. And not surprisingly, he’s bringing more of those qualities to the table… He’s being considerate, kind, thoughtful, loving, and full of nurturing for his family. His behavior inspires me to be more adoring as well. It’s so much more compassionate than our usual routine of every man/(wo)man for him/herself. When we treat each other this way, our kids are happier, our dog is happier and our home is a much more pleasant place to be. So I offer you this humbly… Focus on your lover’s perfections and enjoy the ride.