Be like a baby…

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I have been listening to Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s audiobook, The Power Of Intention. He makes a great argument about how when we are disconnected from Source, we fall prey to anxiety and stress.  He then discusses connecting with your natural state…

1. Your natural state is joy. Anytime you are feeling anything less or otherwise, you have forgotten your connection to Source.

2. Your thoughts cause your stress. If they are along the lines of, “I can’t,” “I’m too overworked,” “I’m not smart enough,” “I’m too old,” etc, you are disconnected.

3. You can change your thoughts and become a co-creator of with the Universe simply by recognizing your state of being.

4. Ask yourself, Do I feel good? If you do not, state: I want to feel good. I intend to feel good in this moment and watch as things begin to shift.

5. Now, proactively select the thoughts that make you feel good. Do not entertain the others.

And here’s my favorite…

All you have do to do for inspiration is watch a baby.

Be like a baby. I mean, after all, why is a baby happy? They are overweight, unable to walk, hairless, flatulent, dwelling in poop, toothless and unable to communicate. Yet, they are completely entertained by the simplest things and totally happy. Why? Because they are still connected to Source. They know that ultimately, there is nothing to worry about. Allow them to serve as inspiration.

I did not make this up, although I am living it.

Be like a baby.