Breaking free of shackles

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Day 34

Shackles of shame..

Shackles of fear…

Shackles of humiliation…

Shackles that hold you back…

I used to be scared to raise my hand in class. I would desperately want to add something of value to the discussion, but I was convinced I didn’t have anything of value to add. When I would finally persuade myself to raise my hand, I would tremble, sweat, shake and shiver with fear and anticipation. My armpits would become sweaty. My palms would be drenched. I was, quite frankly, terrified.

It amuses me to look back on this now. I bare my soul in front of friends, strangers, acquaintances, and foe alike these days. I do so with feeling. I do so with the hopes of inspiring others to reach deep down inside and let that tiny piece of them with the really loud voice and really heavy chains wrapped around it — out. Let. It. Out.

It’s cathartic to give it voice even if you only do so in the safety of your room with your face buried in a pillow, even if you only do so with a pen in hand and your fingers flying across empty pages, filling them up with words. What you have to say matters. What your heart wants is important. What your muted pieces desire to scream from the rafters makes a difference in this world. You’re only as free as the skeletons in your closet. I’m not saying you have to violate your privacy by speaking your truth to those who haven’t earned the privilege of hearing it, but I am saying the more you hold good space for yourself in life and allow yourself to speak when the urge strikes, the more authentic you will be. The less you succumb to shame, fear of humiliation, guilt and regret, the more inspired and inspiring you will be.

You matter.

You’re important.

You’re presence here on this planet, in this town, in this group — it makes a difference.

Please, I beg of you — see that. Own it. Believe it. Breakthrough.

Come to life. Lean in. Own it. Own your brilliance, your glory, your you-ness.

You matter. You simply do. You’re here for a reason — to live your life. With joy & freedom & authenticity.

Why not start now?