Can you say Detox?

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I left Austin many years ago. I left to return to Fort Worth, the town of my up-bringing. When I left, it was less than glamorous. My mom was ill; my family needed my assistance; I was lonely. I’d been trying and trying to re-build my life in Austin, the hip-happening home of my life for more than a decade prior, but I had to admit — it was time for a change.

Austin is a party town. We went this weekend to see my husband’s favorite band (Widespread Panic, which my son refers to as “grumpy old man music”), and while it was so fun and so incredible to reconnect with friends from all over, tonight was about one thing: Detox.

While my husband and children ate Steak Pizza, I ate this Qunioa & Kale salad ensemble. It was so tasty, I thought I’d share.

Quinoa cooked to specifications.

Kale salad:

  • Red kale – 5 or so stems worth, stems removed, torn into ribbons, massaged for 2 minutes with olive oil & key lime juice
  • Jalapeno – seeded and diced
  • Red bell pepper – seeded and diced
  • A handful of Marcona Almonds
  • A handful of dried cherries
  • A few diced, dried apricots
  • Several sliced baby carrots

And my favorite dressing, which is a quick mustard, Nama Shoyu & olive oil mixture.

Voila. Enjoy!!