Daily Love

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I had my best Valentine’s Day ever this year. I know, I know. It’s just a Hallmark holiday. But I rather enjoyed this one. I taught. I worked for hours on my class plan. I incorporated quotes about love and decorated the page with leftover stickers from Jagger’s school treats. I built the class plan around deep heart openers. I offered nuggets of life, wisdom, joy, pleasure, beauty and love.

“Love is something eternal — the aspect may change, but not the essence.”

~ Van Gogh

I told the story of the article I wrote about encouraging my students to focus on the perfections in their mate rather than the imperfections. And then I added on… See, since I wrote that article, my friend who was mentioned in it has shared something with me. Turns out, she was on vacation this last weekend and her mate read the article. When she woke up, her mate asked her about it saying, “Did you say, ‘That’s a tall order,’ in Rebecca’s class when she told you too look for the perfections in your mate?”

My friend blanched. She hadn’t read the article. She didn’t know what I had written. So she said, “Um, I don’t know. Maybe.” She stalled, buying time. And then she quickly made haste to read the article. After reading it, she admitted, “Yes, that was me.” Her mate said, “I can remember when you did that. I remember when you started looking for the perfections in me and how you all of the sudden started being so nice.”

Pause for effect. Let that sink in. Yes, that’s right. Her mate noticed. Her mate was grateful. Her mate felt the shift. And they were both the better for it.

My husband noticed too. And we had our best holiday ever. He gave me a wind chime, something I’ve been asking for since we married. I gave him an accessory to his new fancy smoker/grill. We gave the kids adopted penguins at our local zoo. And probably the best gift of all, my sister dropped by to see me. This was unexpected as we have not spoken since I wrote an article about her in November of which she did not appreciate. I can’t say we totally patched things up but we definitely had a nice visit. For my father, there could have been no kinder gift. At the end of the day, the house radiated joy and love. I slept deeply. And since, I have greatly enjoyed the love in my life. I offer you this humbly with hopes that you are enjoying the love in yours as well, even after the holiday named for Love. Love can be a gift everyday. It’s a choice. Choose Daily Love.