Forgiveness will set you free

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Today, I spoke of freedom in class. And then, I opened up this handy little app on my phone (Mindful Moon). It said: Forgiveness will set you free (of self & others). I love this message. I feel like it’s so true. I have made some atrocious mistakes in my life. I have caused others much grief and pain. I have also been the recipient of betrayals and atrocities.

The thing is: Have I forgiven myself?

It’s the same question as: Have I forgiven others?

The answer is yes.

Tomorrow is a full moon. This is an excerpt from one of my favorite sites, The Power Path.

April 25: Full Moon with a Lunar Eclipse (the first of three) is at 1:58 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a time to connect with who you are at this time. Appreciation is important as well as gratitude. This is a time to honor anything that has happened in a big way in your life. Practice moving any fear towards excitement and enthusiasm. Trust that spirit has handed you exactly what you need regardless of how you may define it as positive or negative.

Please, friends. If you are carrying around something that prevents you from the freedom of forgiveness of self or others, I ask you to consider using this full moon to create some space for yourself. Turn to gratitude. Look for the gifts in everything, yes, everything, you’ve been through. And embrace the freedom of forgiveness.

Much love… Much, much love.