How Do You Define Your Self Worth?

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What do you use to quantify your self worth?

We have so many gauges we can buy into…

How many likes on your facebook page (or pages)

How many likes on your latest Instagram post

How many followers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Stumblr, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, etc

Your latest blog post/vlog post/ blog entry’s like/share quota

How many dollars in your bank account/savings account/IRA/401K

Your credit score

How many dollars left on your student loans/house payments/car payments

The number on the scale

The number of social events you attend in a season and/or weddings

The number of children you have

Your GPA

Your child’s GPA

Your grandchild’s GPA

Your SAT score

The number of colleges you’ve attended

The number of hours in your study records

The letters and/or numbers after your name

The zip code you live in

The number of rooms/bathrooms in your house

The number of cars in your garage

The number of clients you have

Your aquisition/retention numbers

The number of miles you run/swim/bike

The number of pounds you’ve lost/bench pressed

What ways are you tempted to define yourself?

Several years ago there was a Citibank ad campaign (hey, I can’t help it, I used to be an ad girl. I noticed this stuff for a living…) that went something along the lines of…

Camera card reading —

How to get rich quickly:

Count your blessings

Queue film role featuring a non-descript person swinging a giggling child around in a circle

Hear happy, scintillating music in background

I loved this ad. And many, many years later, I still love the premise.

As a once ad girl, now yoga teacher, I can vouch for the merit of this idea.

What if we took a radical approach to this self worth thing? What if let internal forces be the driving factor rather than external evidence? What if we made life more about what we feel rather than what we’ve accomplished, gathered, accumulated…

So it would look something along the lines of…

How many hearts you touched today

How many smiles you freely gave away

How many hands you held

How many souls you perked up just by being present and truly seeing/listening

How many times you said, I love you

How many acts of kindness you committed

How many times you said, Thank you, and truly meant it from your heart..

The number of times you welled up with tears in your eyes as you marveled at the sheer awesomeness of life

The number of chill bumps that climbed your spine as you recognized the serendipity of the moment

You see, self worth really can’t be quantified. It’s a feeling thing. The idea is to feel good in your heart and then to beam that shit and share it selflessly with the world. The world will be a better place for it. Know this truth. Own it. Embody it. With love.