Landing in Joy

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Throughout this challenge, I have been amazed at the timing. We began on the weekend of Easter, a weekend of celebrating resurrection, life anew, new hopes, fresh starts, forgiveness and rising against all odds. We embarked on the week of finances as we also dealt with the Tax man, tucking away responsibilities and confronting our financial woes and fears and possibilities. We embraced our approach to relationships as we embodied love for Mother Earth, perhaps one of our greatest lifelong lovers. And here we are, wrapping our challenge on the weekend of Mother’s Day.

Truly, I didn’t know when Amber & I chose these dates. I didn’t know how appropriate the timing would be throughout… As we conclude our challenge, it is only fitting that we do so the weekend of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is hugely important for me, for many of us, not only because I am a mother, but also because I have lost my mom, as have many. I have great reverence for the energy of motherhood. I have great reverence for the joy some women take in rearing their young. I have great awareness of the lack of nurturing some mothers exhibit. I believe that as we grow and evolve, a mother’s influence can shape us infinitely. There are few relationships as charged as that of mother and young.

And so, as we land here, as we culminate, I ask you — what have you learned? What have you brought home? What have you decided to celebrate, to change, to own, to release? And how can you use the sweetness of this holiday, the nurturing joy, the unconditional love that the ideal mother represents — how can you use this symbology to bring yourself into an aware conclusion? With a hotbed of nurturing support (your tribe), where do you want to go from here?

I hope fervently with heart and guts and grit that it is somewhere special — somewhere whole, somewhere worthy of the title: Breakthrough. In addition to all those that you may have realized along the way, there are always more ahead.

I have loved this journey with you. I look forward to many more.

Much love, tribe.