Lean in… Lean into Your Greatness

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“How much would you charge for writing someone’s bio?” said the text, it was being read by Jagger. Somehow the grown-up-ness of the words was lost in his still childlike voice. I know it won’t be childlike much longer. I adore it so. I was taking him to school. He was playing songs on my Spotify and reading texts as they came across.

“Tell her to charge by the hour — $30-50 depending on who it is,” I replied.

“Ok,” he said and started typing. He loves typing texts. I’m pretty sure this is good to counteract his dysgraphia.

I dropped him off and taught a class. It was fantastic and fun. Afterwards, we started a new session. It’s a weekly advanced format. Nothing fancy or formal — just an unapologetic space for some folks to get together and play with their edge. And play, we did. A few of us unexpectedly sailed right past our edge as we knew it. We were giggling and laughing and recording the whole thing. It. Was. A. Blast. Just as I’d hoped it would be.

Later, I darted into Central to grab my daily addiction — HolyKombucha. Blood Orange. Can’t get enough of the stuff.

Another text comes over. Same {amazing} writer friend.

“That woman I texted you about earlier, the one that wants me to write her bio? She has 30k followers on Twitter.” [blank eyed stare emoji here]

“So?” I replied.

“I don’t think she knows who I am,” my friend said.

And then I looked up. She was walking past me, texting. I called her name.

“You can do this,” I said. “She contacted you. It doesn’t matter how many friends she has on Twitter. Ask her to give you some one-word descriptors of what she likes about your writing. Ask her for a brief. And go for the $50/hour rate.”

We split. I was rushing to pick up kids. She was rushing to buy goodies. Everyone always rushing… {Topic for another blog post}

The thing is — my friend wasn’t seeing her Greatness. And she’s not alone. We all do this. We all tell ourselves this story:

I’m not BLANK enough. {Smart enough, important enough, rich enough, thin enough, old enough, young enough, etc}


Try this on: You are ENOUGH. Yes, you are. Right now. I don’t care if you have 12 Twitter followers or 50,000 — or even if you don’t have a Twitter account! You are enough. Destined for Greatness. Greatness comes in all forms… Cleaning the house, caring for children, balancing a checkbook, standing on your hands, swallowing, smiling at a stranger, writing about something you’ve been terrified to write about your entire life — allowing yourself to be seen. Truly seen for the brilliance that is You. Now that is Greatness. It’s you. Lean in. Lean into Your Greatness. It’s time already…