Magic and miracles

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As I previously posted, The Power Path has released it’s forecast for May — and what a forecast it is! Magic and Miracles are possible. It behooves us to get clear on what we are manifesting — how & why. What habits and beliefs are serving us and which ones do we want to weed out.

At the same time today, I received incredible news that a brief blurb I wrote for Origin Magazine some time ago was published.

Then, my husband made huge strides in his work towards goals and dreams. All of this, of course, during our week of dreams/careers/goals.

So I ask you, what are you manifesting? This is not easy work, but I offer to you that it is so worth it to get clear and be in abundant awareness. As always, please do so with utter kindness.

I’ll close with a picture of the serene beauty I steeped myself in this evening. Playing with my family, walking the babes… Life is sweet, my friends. Much love!!