Morning Ritual

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I love eating well. In recent months, I’ve adopted a new morning routine that has helped me feel better on multiple levels. As such, I feel compelled to share.

For ages, I’m talking years, I adored a good Starbucks Chai Soy Latte. Every morning. Every. Morning. Then one day, as change often happens for me, I decided to make a change. And it’s worked! I no longer spend 5$ in a drive thru every morning, nor do I consume caffeine and sugar to start my day. Instead….

Step 1: Hot Water with lemon

This one is simple. Heat water in a tea kettle. Fill up a cup. Squeeze the juice of one preferably organic lemon. Consume. Drink before you consume anything else. Benefits include cleansing the liver, improvements in complexion and improved circulation. I’ve really enjoyed this new ritual.

Step 2: (Note: This one is optional. It started as a crutch. Most days, I end up dumping it.) Green tea with a touch of Stevia, as needed. (Second note: Chai pictured here. I was out if Green tea. I also love Chai…)

Simple. The benefits of green tea are vast and extensive. They include weight loss, skin improvements, lowering cholesterol, combating Alzheimer’s and more. Need I say more?
Chai is a while separate thing – sweet, aromatic, soothing. Yum.

Step 3: Green Smoothie

This is my favorite part. I have to stay disciplined not to skip to this step.
My go-to base is:
1 frozen banana, 1 fresh
1 c Kale
1 c Baby spinach
2 c Unsweetened coconut milk
Then I get creative when I crave it… Adding vanilla powder, cinnamon, and/or coconut + almond butter and more. The sky is the limit. It’s an excellent way to start the day and keeps me satisfied until lunch, without being too full to stand on my hands. Plus, it’s the only way I can get Daisy to consume veggies. ❤️