Progress, progress, progress

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Wrapping up the week of relationships, we discussed the Triangle of Disempowerment (or as shown in the graph, the triangle of disrespect). Many participants spoke freely to how they were able to see themselves on different places in the triangle throughout the week. A lot of our group really relates with the role of the rescuer.

Next, we discussed how to evolve or progress or make a quantum leap from the Triangle of Disempowerment to the Triangle of Empowerment (shown in the graph as the triangle of respect).

Amber gave an example of how this has worked in her life. It requires that you make a change. You have to decide you want to make a shift and then choose to be either Assertive, Assertive and Vulnerable or some other combination. Then one of your disempowering triangle mates can be invited to step  up and make a change as well. Perhaps even both folks on  your triangle can make the change. Huge.

One question came up regarding the triangle of respect/empowerment: What if we make ourselves vulnerable and then we are hurt? The discussion ranged around the reality that you must be buying into someone’s opinion of you in order for it to hurt you. If you are firmly standing in your power and in your self love, no matter what someone says, they can’t hurt you.

The final triangle we discussed, which is…

This triangle requires movement from the Triangle of Respect/Empowerment to here. You have to be keen on staying in Creation as creative energy is what we are, by many schools of thought. It requires that you actively appoint your counterparts as your coach when appropriate. It also requires great awareness of self including motivations and intentions. I spoke of my experience on all three triangles.

After much discussion, we then introduced the subject of week 5….. Career/Dreams & Goals.

We did a hot potato exercise. We imagined something we are fearful of in an object that we tossed around the group. Each person had to state something they feared before they could toss the hot (fear) potato. The answers from the group were amazing: aging, not knowing our true selves, things never improving, failure, failure and failure, being alone, being hurt… It was powerful.

Next, we drew a baseline map. The map said: You are here. We described our current scenario. After the fear discussion, we imagined the fear of lack, disappointment, sorrow, humiliation, shame — we imagined those were all lifted. Then we let ourselves dream on the map.

The homework of the week is to practice I Am. What do you feed yourself with the words I am? Power? I am powerful. Or darkness? I am tired, exhausted, broke, miserable, stuck, angry, etc.

What if you only fed yourself positives? The homework for the week is to practice positive I Ams before bed and before rising. If you want to know more about this, read Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book, Wishes Fulfilled.

The next piece of homework is called: Collect That Data. Anything you see all week long that you might like to suck onto your map, collect that data! New outfit? Collect that data! Fancy arm balance pose? Collect that data! Effortless smile? Collect that data! And so forth.

The team is clearly progressing. I received many texts and emails about breakthroughs last night and today. Many people are having breakthroughs just in allowing themselves to speak in public, much less reveal their deepest fears, hopes and dreams. It’s been riveting. It’s an honor to be on this pilgrimage with each of you. You inspire me endlessly.