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I did it. I managed to overcome my ego and to tap into the gracious side of my being. It required a true “Come-to-Jesus,” if you will. I had to wrestle my need to be right and listen to my desire to embody love in order to win this battle.

I will not say it was easy; it was not.

I will not say it was quick, for it was a long time in it’s creation.

I will say it was worthwhile and scrumptious.

I will confess it was completely overdue and internally delightful.

It’s not over. Everyday I will find a new opportunity to overcome the habit of being small. But in the end, I desire greatness.

I do  not desire greatness to be fawned over from afar. I desire greatness of the kind that seems small but in the end is monumental in it’s humility.

Above all else, I hope to ladle my loved ones with nurturing energy and compassion.

It is of no coincidence that as I enter into this phase of unending love, my marriage is thriving as never before.

It is not for folly that as I tap into my well of joy, I find myself fearless in other areas.

I cannot say I have the answers. I can only say that for now, I am grateful, eternally so, to feel so much love easily in my life.