So This Is Confidence

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I am about to embark upon my first yoga retreat. However, before I can board the plane with my over-sized bag and my equally excited friends, I am presenting my workshop baby, Handstand Festival, at The Texas Yoga Conference.

Here is a high level run down of my next 48 hours.

  1. Teach Friday morning 10am class.
  2. Get on the road. Drive to Houston (approximately a 4 hour drive)
  3. Saturday morning, teach Handstand Festival (2.5 hour rendition)! (eeee!!! I love this job!)
  4. Drive home immediately after (another 4ish hour drive)
  5. Sunday, depart DFW at 5:45am
  6. Arrive in Aruba at 2:50pm
  7. Teach a class that evening at 5:30p

OMG. For real? Is this my life? So much excitement!!! At once, I am thrilled, exuberant and not the least bit trepidatious. Yes, I know it will be challenging. Sure, I might be exhausted by the time I reach Aruba. But come on, I will be in Aruba! Who cares if I’m a little tired upon arrival?!

Today, I had plenty to do. I had to buy groceries for my family, replace the toilet handle at the studio, teach a private, wrangle some long over due paperwork, have a conference call with a client, speak to my mentor, drop my son off and pick him up from school, prepare dinner, pack, create my handouts for my teacher trainees attending the retreat, pick up my retreater’s love gifts and spend time with my family. Through it all, I felt a smile in my heart. Through it all, I felt pure peace and bliss. Through it all, I kept having ideas for events that are occurring after the retreat.

And so it occurred to me, this must be what they are referring to when they speak of confidence. This calm. This contentment. This inner joy.

I’m a fan.

I’m committed to spreading it far and wide.

And so I wonder, what brings you peace? What brings you joy? Have you ever felt true confidence? What were the circumstances? How did affect you?