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Sunday is the day of worship for many religions, although some prefer Saturday as the day of the Sabbath.

When I grew up, we attended a non-denominational church on the weekends, and for many years, I attended an Episcopalian school during the week. This was a source of great consternation for me. I loved my family and friends that I attended church with on the weekends. My parents helped found the church. It was small and quaint and humble. My school was lavish and decadent. In my young mind, I felt like my school’s insistence that my family and friends were going to hell because they worshipped differently was disgusting and unjust. It angered me. I told my parents of this. They tried to soothe me. It didn’t work. So eventually, I picked a fight with Father Worrell, the lead preacher at our school, so that I could make sure my grievances were aired. Shortly thereafter, my parents decided to send me to a different school — one that was void of religion.

In Anita Moorjani’s book, Dying To Be Me, she describes a similar crisis of identity as a young child. She was born in Hong Kong of Indian descent but she was sent to a Catholic ex-pat school Monday through Friday. She too was perplexed and worried about loved ones. This is why it was such a huge relief for her to discover when she had her Near Death Experience that we are all loved perfectly and completely for exactly the way we are.

I offer you this as I am working on my class plan today.

I offer you this as we are wrapping up Mission:: Breakthrough and you are spending the week ascertaining your life, the changes, the holy and the not so holy.

I would like to direct your attention to four words that are typically associated with religion:

Worship, Faith, Holy & Sacred

Worship: The feeling or expression of reverence and adoration

Faith: Complete trust and confidence in someone or something

Holy: Devoted to service (of G*d)

Sacred: Connected with G*d or dedicated to purpose (religious or otherwise)

Cherish: Protect and care for something lovingly

What if you took this week to turn these words towards yourself, your own life, your relationships, your body, your work, career, and dreams? What if you looked for things to worship? What if you felt around for the complete faith in self and decided to starve the demon of doubt? What if you paid careful attention to all that is holy in your life, including your relationships? What if you steeped yourself in the sacred? What if you adopted the mindset of only creating holy relationships (those that fuel you, where you can only see another’s perfections rather than shortcoming’s, where you want to empower the other being and you ask nothing of them in return)? What if you searched for places where you were cherished and where you felt the urge to cherish?

You might find that this requires slowing down. Ok, so be it.

You might find that this requires adopting a new vantage point. Alright, so be it.

You might find that this requires you to step away from the notion of always being “right”. Hmmm, well, then — so be it.

This final week, these final days of our journey, I beg of you — Entertain these words and see how they show up in your life? Where could you use a little more of them? A little less? Where are they already present in living color? Are you embracing them as such?

This is something I worship. This is something inspiring me to slow down, even though that means stepping away from my dreams and goals for a few moments here and there. This is something I have faith in. This is something I cherish as sacred. I don’t want to miss another moment of it.

Much love, MB tribe. Namaste.