The Beauty of Yoga

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I do not practice to please my ego; I practice for ceremony, accountability, and the love of life. It took me a long time to realize this.

I believe in the beauty of yoga. I do not practice for any other reason. I practice to feel good. I’m not interested in building up abdominal muscles or biceps or triceps. I’m not interested in having a good practice or a great handstand. I happen to be a natural at inversions and arm balances, but they are only one small sliver of my practice over all. I practice to dive deep into my soul and learn in what ways I am holding myself back and in what ways I am currently excelling in life. And rather than then chastising myself or working to change something, I simply come into a state of awe. I practice to realize awe, wonder, joy, and peace. These are at the root of my practice. For me, these do not come from 5,000 chaturangas. Actually, I have a shoulder injury from doing too many of those poorly at one point in my life when I was trying to prove myself to someone, anyone, maybe me? So I always modify chaturanga now. Always? Yes, always. I no longer need to prove anything to myself or anyone else. I am strong; I know this.

I practice of love and in love and for love. Love of self. Love of life. Love of joy. Love of family. Love of the inversion high. Love of the deep hip opening buzz. Love of the heart opening chasm that comes loaded with waves of energy flowing freely from me to you and you to me. I practice to realize beauty, so that when I get off my mat and walk out into the world, I walk in beauty.

This is the space I we have created. It is simple. Plain. There are no bells and whistles, not even a lobby. We ask that you pay what you can afford. We ask that you treat yourself and everyone around you with integrity and kindness. We teach from our hearts. We do not all teach the same. We sequence mindfully. We support one another totally and completely. Of this, I am proud. For this is a place to cherish – the beauty of yoga.