The New Year is Here — So F*ck Fear!

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Let’s write a poem, a melody of such,

Inspired by my youngest, the least in a rut.

She’s cute and she’s lively; she’s a real spitfire.

She’ll tear at your chest, if you deny her desire.

And this brings to my mind, those days of old,

The ones where we knew, we could do as we’re told,

Or do as we like, but either way,

The world was our oyster, a place we could play.

There was nothing to fear, nothing to dread.

We didn’t even understand the meaning of dead.

Our hearts filled with joy, our hopes soared ever higher.

We knew nothing of boredom; we only knew to aspire.

Curiosity reigned, as did intrigue,

The only thing that could conquer us was fatigue.

And so as we move into the New Year,

I say let’s tap into our old lack of fear.

Let’s recall those days when everything was simple.

Let’s allow ourselves to be ravenous for the ways of the gentle.

Taking the time to sing aloud,

Being not afraid to steer away from the crowd.

Just being ourselves, clear and free,

Opening our hearts to life as it be.

And so I’ll say in a chorus loud and clear…

{In hopes that you’ll join me, if you find me dear}

{In hopes that you’ll see, that life is meant for the brave}

{The only thing to fear is being unaware to the grave}

Throw off those chains, if you have any, dear.

In honor of the fearless New Year — Fuck Fear!