The unfettered way of being

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Daisy is sick. So am I. We went to the pediatrician today and then we camped out at home. While enjoying brief downtime today as Daisy napped, I read some from the latest book by Baron Baptiste, Being of Power. I wanted to share this piece with you:

A breakthrough is when you step through some energetic veil to where what was limiting you is now behind you and you’re standing in a completely new space. Creating fearless connection with others in your life transports you out from behind your self-created walls. You discover the ability to relate to people more deeply and from your purest, fullest, most unfettered way of being.

… The way we break down barriers is through an even simpler practice: Being transparent and telling the truth from the heart. Always. Everywhere. With everyone. Try that on for a minute. Imagine how freeing it would be to not have to keep pretending that everything is ok, that you’ve got it all together and figured out. To some, that might seem like weakness, but this kind of transparency is actually a huge source of strength, because all your aliveness is no longer bound up in creating smoke screens. Great reservoirs of energy become available to you as you stand front and center in your power and are straight in your communication.

This is the practice I offer you. Begin to tell the truth about yourself and where the energy is stuck and where you are hiding, pretending and lying in your life, intimate relationships, work environment, family or home life. It’s important that you do this without embarrassment and without invalidating yourself or anyone else…

This passage resonates with me. I hope it does for you as well.

Much love. XOXO