This Bevy of Beauties

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I looked to my right. She was there. Closest to me. Her hair ratty from a day of multiple, multiple yoga classes. Her eyes shone with delight, expectation, joy of her current path. Her confidence sincere and warranted. She felt strong, steady. All I could do was admire her and be glad that she was in the circle, so glad that she recently placed down her badges of oppression and anger and stepped wholly into her joy. And here she is daily — championing joy and leading others to do the same.

I looked right across from me. Her eyes were grey, effervescent, wild. She rides a raging river of creativity daily. She knows how to honor herself and process her emotions in likely the healthiest way of anyone I know. All I could do was be grateful she was in the circle, even though right now, she is somewhat lost. She is still strong, still so knowledgeable and connected — connected to Source in a way that only a very few are. Waves of gratitude washed my soul that I know this lovely creature and that she is part of our circle and someone I consider extended family.

I turned slightly to my left. Austere beauty met me. Grace like no other. Elegance. And something else… A new radiance to this one. Pure peace and harmony. She has recently freed herself from long held beliefs of inferiority and a lack of connection. She has a whole new aura to her. I am so glad to know her as she blossoms so vibrantly. Joy. I felt pure joy at her presence. And present she was. Clear. Courageous. Brave. I took a breath and felt into the gratitude of being near her, with her upright posture and her soulful words.

Slightly to my right, and still across from me. The newbie. Purity. Innocence. Hunger. She emanates these things. There is nothing like someone just beginning their path — their true path. She is still in sprinting mode. All of us sit back and bask in her glorious youth. Intoxicating and amusing and already wise at once. Eager beyond belief. All I could do was be delighted in her presence and feel gratitude for knowing her in kind.

I looked just farther right. There she was. Kind of hiding behind the pole, but not really. Really, deep down, she is present. She is clear. She is fairly certain of her essence. Her presence calms folks. Usually, after her classes, I find it difficult to string together a coherent thought. She is one of the ones I know the least and yet one of the ones I feel infinitely connected to. I trust her greatly. I chalk it up to gratitude, yet again.

And then, directly to my left, there she is. She too has grey, blue eyes. She too has recently been a little lost. She too is sometimes tempted to give way to rage. But she doesn’t. She holds strong and fights a good fight day after day. I long to hug her. She is recovering still. Tragedies have plagued her path. The fact that she can still smile, still voice her soul, is a testament to her work. I admire her. She is an oak. Sometimes, she embodies pure peace and grace. Gratitude swarms me again.

Not present is the senior one, the guardian, the published author, the one we all seek out for insights from time to time. Even though she is not physically with us, with her calm presence and her striking beauty, I can still feel her there. She has a way of doing that — being in multiple places at once. I never doubt her energy is near me. I have adored her since she walked the final steps of life with my mother, since I saw her holding my mother’s spirit and allowing it to dance with the heavens. And I’ve long since felt gratitude for knowing her.

Those who are spiritually wise say it is important to surround yourself with people who inspire you. And I am in awe daily of the innovation, grace, power and beauty of these women I’ve assembled as a team. I vow to hold space for them so that they can blossom in their own right, just as I intend to do as well. My hope for them is a platform from which they can spring and a warm bed of creativity from which they can feast and contribute to as they continue to grow. For that is why we are here: Expansion. And Joy. Actions originating in Joy. And Freedom. Freedom to be ourselves. Fearlessly. I believe we are all embodying this wholly. And it warms my heart to have created something so full of integrity, possibility and kindness. It is incumbent upon me to offer up a prayer of sincere, overwhelming gratitude to be with these people daily. What an honor. What an honor. What an honor. Thank you.