Words to my mom

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You would want me to live on. You’d want me to embody and embrace my life, vitality, health. You would want me to spread the word… The word about Choosing Joy.

In your honor, I have been doing exactly so in each class, each day encouraging my students to Choose Joy in their lives, not pain, not sorrow, not drama — Joy. In your honor, I have been working to celebrate my children for their beauty rather than try to control them and change them from their true essence. In your honor, I have been reaching deep, hunkering down and trying hard to make my marriage work, to realize the perfections of my mate and to give myself without reservation to my partner.

In your memory, I teach each day to the notion of seeing and welcoming the beauty in our lives that is all around us without fail. In your memory, I open the hearts of others and pour in light. In your memory, I encourage others to savor their breath, to drink it in and to never take it for granted.

You’ve only been gone one year and already you’ve made a huge impact on this world. I think of you daily. I carry you in my heart. I love you still. It seems as though you are still here with me many days. I miss your nurturing skills above all else. Even from the grave and the spirit world beyond, you inspire me. I miss your hazel eyes, your soft/powerful left hand and your gigantic smile. Every time I see a multi-hued, gasp-inducing sunset, I think of you. Jagger calls them Portals to Heaven, those sunsets. I can’t help but imagine that you have a hand in them. Keep dazzling the skies, sweet Mom. I love you so.